Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam

Photos of Anne Frank online

26 Jan 2017 14:00

The Anne Frank House aims to share the life story of Anne Frank, its knowledge of this story and its collection with as many people as possible, and so it has placed a large part of its photo collection - the photos that can be shared with third parties - online. 


From today, passport photos, school photos and other photos of Anne Frank can be downloaded from:


Anne Frank

Anne Frank is clearly in her element in front of the camera. Her parents Otto and Edith and her sister Margot also pose with visible pleasure. The photos depict happy times, before the family had to go into hiding on 6 July 1942. In the hiding place - the ‘secret annexe’ - Anne stuck various photos in her diary and wrote comments to accompany them. On 18 October 1942, next to a passport photo of herself at the age of 10, she wrote : “This is a photograph of me as I wish I looked all the time. Then I might still have a chance of getting to Hollywood. But at present, I’m afraid, I usually look quite different.”

The last known photos of Anne Frank, aged 12, date from May 1942, two months before she went into hiding.