Anne Frank Museum Amsterdam

Record number of visitors

04 Jan 2016 13:00

In 2015 the Anne Frank House received a record number of visitors for the sixth consecutive year, with a total of 1,268,095 visitors. That is 40,633 more than the previous record of 1,227,462 in 2014.


Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House, says: “We want to offer everyone the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House. It is the place where the life story of Anne Frank is presented in the most authentic way. It’s impressive that so many people from all parts of the world visit this place and learn about this chapter of history.”



Millions of people, most of them young, also learn about the life story of Anne Frank in other ways through the activities of the Anne Frank House, which organises educational projects worldwide in keeping with the mission of Anne’s father, Otto Frank. Ronald Leopold: “The life story of Anne Frank encourages young people to reflect on the social developments of then and now, and inspires them to combat prejudice and discrimination in their own surroundings.”