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Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

01 Jan 1970 01:00

"Anne Frank’s Amsterdam" is an educational virtual tour through Amsterdam following in Anne Frank’s footsteps and those of the Jewish community. It will reveal an in depth picture of the occupied city and its inhabitants during World War II and through its education project will make history come alive.


This project reflects the wishes of Hans Westra, former Managing Director of the Anne Frank Foundation. He noted prior to his retirement on January, 2011:“Many Amsterdammers are not really aware of the city’s Jewish history and the horrific persecution that took place here. The average (young) Amsterdammer knows hardly anything about it. This is difficult to contemplate. Something should be done.” The project ‘Anne Frank’s Amsterdam’ will be his parting gift.

At home and on the street

Both at home via a website, or on the street with a mobile phone (and in due course at school with a digital blackboard) places and events in the city can be explored which are inseparable from the story of Anne Frank and World War II. The occupation of the city and the persecution of the Jews come to life online by projecting historical images onto the streets of Amsterdam today.  

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Education project ‘Your Amsterdam’

The Anne Frank House will be developing education activities connected to ‘Anne Frank’s Amsterdam. The programme will inspire these young people to discover the city’s wartime history, to reflect upon their environment today and their place in it. Their experiences will be shared and exchanged with others.

Contribute to an innovative and inspiring project.

The Anne Frank House guarantees the implementation of the basic version of the website.

Supported by the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts has, with their donation of  € 40.000, accounted for half of the costs. Other contributions have come from the Prins Bernhard Cultural Fund and the Foundation for Promoting Welfare. LBi Lost Boys’ and Repudo's gift is the development of a mobile telephone application.

But the more financial resources, the more we can invest, particularly in educational applications for schools. Your support will ensure that ‘Anne Frank’s Amsterdam’ creates awareness for (young) Amsterdammers and visitors to the city. Your contributions are most welcome. You can make your donation to the Anne Frank House account number 1224.69.925 mentioning ‘Retirement Hans Westra’.